Preparing For the Pakistan Study MCQs

If you are preparing for the Pakistan Studies MCQs, you will need to familiarize yourself with various terms. The MCQs are multiple choice questions and answers that you will need to know. You will find the answers in PDF form after each question has been answered. The answers are also available in PDF format after every fifth question. Hence, if you want to prepare for the Pak Studies MCQs, you can make use of this PDF file.

You will find Pak study MCQs repeated in the FPSC and PPSC past papers. This is because these questions are important for NTS and other government jobs in Pakistan. So, make sure that you learn all the questions related to Pakistan studies and try them out as much as possible! So, practice these questions now and score high! Consider using Pakistan Study MCQs to prepare for the PTS and other government jobs!

Most repeated MCQs of Pakistan Study for FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators all other competitive exams and govt, private Jobs. most of these questions are also discussed on Pakmcqs official and If you want to download these most important Pak Study MCQs in PDF click mentioned button.

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1First in Pakistan Mcqs2Pakistan history 712 to 1947 Mcqs
3Pakistan history 1947 to 2020 Mcqs4Pakistan Armed & Defence Forces Mcqs
5Pak Atomic Energy Mcqs6Pakistan Police Mcqs
7Highways & Motorways Mcqs8Boundaries Mcqs
9Institute Mcqs10Sports or Games Mcqs
11Universities Mcqs12Organization join by Pakistan Mcqs
13Constitution 1956 Mcqs14Constitution 1962 Mcqs
15Constitution 1973 Mcqs16Elections Mcqs
17Census Mcqs18Muslim League 1906 to 1947 Mcqs
19National Assembly Mcqs20Senate Mcqs
21Amendment of Constitution 1973 Mcqs22Viceroy till 1947 Mcqs
23Important days of Pakistan Mcqs24Mountains and Glaciers Mcqs
25Dams and Water Resources Mcqs26Rivers, Canals, Lakes Mcqs
27Natural Resources Mcqs28Culture of Pakistan Mcqs
29Important Books Mcqs30Important Personalities Mcqs
31Industrial Development Mcqs32Provinces of Pakistan Mcqs
33Punjab Mcqs34KPK Mcqs
35Sindh Mcqs36Baluchistan Mcqs
37AJK Mcqs38ICT FATA Mcqs
39Gilgit Baltistan Mcqs40Land & Climate Mcqs
41Education in Pakistan Mcqs42Tomb and Shrine دربار Mcqs
43Seasons موسم Mcqs44Pass Mcqs
45Language Mcqs46Fort in Pakistan Mcqs
47Prime Minister of Pakistan Mcqs48President of Pakistan Mcqs
49National Symbols Mcqs50Deserts of Pakistan Mcqs
51SeaPorts in Pakistan Mcqs52CPEC Mcqs
53Weapons Mcqs54Airports in Pakistan Mcqs
55Civilizations in Pakistan Mcqs56National Awards Mcqs
57Pakistan Govt Projects Mcqs58Power Plant Mcqs
59Military Operation Mcqs60Agriculture Mcqs
61Pakistan Movies and Actors Mcqs62Important Buildings of Pakistan Mcqs
63Life of Quaid e Azam Mcqs64Mosques In Pakistan Mcqs
65Pakistan Political Parties Mcqs66Attacked by Terrorist Mcqs
67Mughal Empire Mcqs68Nickname of Pakistan Cities Mcqs
69Incident in Pakistan Mcqs70Oil & Gas Reserves in Pakistan Mcqs
71Honours & Awards Mcqs72Pakistan Railways Mcqs
73Chief Justice of Pakistan Mcqs74Natural Disasters in Pakistan Mcqs
75Pak Study Most Repeated Past Papers Mcqs76Governors in Pakistan Mcqs
77National Parks in Pakistan Mcqs78Indian National Congress Mcqs
79Pakistan Famous Cities Mcqs80Pak Study in Urdu Mcqs
81Geography of Pakistan Mcqs82Kashmir Problem since 1846 Mcqs
83Wars Fought by Pakistan Mcqs84Forests in Pakistan Mcqs
85Chief Ministers (CM) of Pakistan Mcqs8614 Points of Quaid e Azam Mcqs
87Life of Allama Iqbal Mcqs88Khilafat Movement Mcqs
89Economy of Pakistan MCQs Mcqs90100 Most Repeated MCQs of Pakistan Study PDF Mcqs
91Delhi Proposals 1927 Mcqs92Divisions Districts and Tehsils of Pakistan Mcqs
93Lahore Resolution vs Pakistan Resolution MCQs Mcqs94Historical Places in Pakistan Mcqs
95Famous Islands of Pakistan Mcqs

چار آپشن میں سے کسی ایک پر کلک کرنے سے جواب موٹا ہو جاے گا

When was Burhan Wani martyred?

  1. 8 July 2011
  2. 8 July 2012
  3. 8 July 2019
  4. 8 July 2016
  5. 8 July 2022

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Allama Iqbal married how many times?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Who was the President of USA at the time of creation of Pakistan?

  1. Harry Truman
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Ali Khan
  4. none

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

After how many years Pakistan got its first constitution?

  1. 7 years
  2. 5 years
  3. 11 years
  4. 9 years
  5. None of these

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan came into force on?

  1. 14th August 1973
  2. 23rd March 1973
  3. 27th October 1973
  4. 8th June 1973
  5. None of these

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

When was the 1973 constitution of Pakistan was promulgated____?

  1. August 11, 1973
  2. August 12, 1973
  3. August 13, 1973
  4. August 14, 1973

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

When Zulfikar Ali Bhutto launched a new constitution in the country?

  1. 14th August 1973
  2. 11th August 1973
  3. 21st August 1973
  4. 17th August 1973
  5. None of these

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Benazir Bhutto, was the ____ ever female Prime Minister of Pakistan?

  1. Fourth
  2. First
  3. Second
  4. Third
  5. None of these

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Who sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on 14 August 1973?

  1. Yahiya Khan
  2. Fazal Elahi Choudhry
  3. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
  4. None of these

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

when was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto launched a new constitution in the country?

  1. August 14, 1973
  2. August 14, 1976
  3. August 14, 1975
  4. None of the above

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

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