Pakistan purchased Gwadar port from which country?
پاکستان نے گوادر بندرگاہ کس ملک سے خریدی؟
  1. Oman
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Qatar
  4. UAE

Pakistan purchased Gwadar Port from Oman 

Purchased on 8th September 1958.

It officially became part of Pakistan on 8th December 1958.

It remained under Omani rule for 174 years from 1783 -1958 

It is situated on the Arabian Sea in the Balochistan 

It was Opened in 2002


Additional information 

Pakistan has three big sea ports  It was purchased from Oman in 1958.

  1. Karachi Port,
  2. Muhammad Bin Qasim port
  3. and Gwadar port.


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