MOD Syllabus for Sub-Inspector Posts

1.           10% English

2.           (Analogies/Synonym/Antonym/ Passage/ Grammar)

3.           10% Current Affairs

4.           10% General Knowledge

5.           05% Sociology

6.           08% Mass communication

7.           10% Economics

8.           10% International Relation

9.           05% LAW

10.       05% Islamic Study

11.       12% Analytical Reasoning (2x6)

12.       15% Computer (Programing, Networking, Database)


13.       50 Questions of Psychology  (no marks)


Total Questions = 150

Total Time = 120 Mints

Total marks = 100

Negative Marking 0.25

Paper-1: 100 MCQS time 90 Mints

Paper-2: 50 Questions Psychology time 30 Mints

نوٹ :یہ سلیبس پچھلے پیپروں کی مدد سے بنایا ہے جو تبدیل بھی ہو سکتا ہے

چار آپشن میں سے کسی ایک پر کلک کرنے سے جواب موٹا ہو جاے گا

Indus River originates from?

  1. Ladakh
  2. Tibet
  3. Jammu
  4. Kashmir

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Pakistan first issued national identity card?

  1. 1947
  2. 1956
  3. 1962
  4. 1973

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Sociologist employ primary perspectives?

  1. Five
  2. Four
  3. Three
  4. Two

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Which of the following latent functions among the defined human functions by Robert Merton?

  1. Easily apparent
  2. Intension or obvious
  3. Unintentional and not obvious
  4. Visible

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

Each social institution contributing a social stability in a society is called as?

  1. symbolic interaction
  2. Functionalism
  3. conflict perspective
  4. Macro perspective

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

The word sociology was coined by?

  1. Marx
  2. Auguste comte
  3. Durkheim
  4. Spencer

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

which of the following is the study of society social interaction patterns of social relationships and culture of everyday life?

  1. Anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. Sociology
  4. Human geography

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

The German sociologist to study the role and place of Bureaucracy in modern state and society is?

  1. Martin Heidegger
  2. Max weber
  3. Max Horkheimer
  4. Karl max

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

The first political thinker to present the theory of sovereignty and absolute royal power to suppress the Anarchy was?

  1. Harold Laski
  2. Johan Locke
  3. Thomas Hobbes
  4. Jean Bodln

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

The Greek word Demos from which the term Democracy originated means?

  1. The Sovereign
  2. The People
  3. The Rule
  4. The Constitution

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

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