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Director General Immigration & passports (DGIP) Steno Jobs, Syllabus, Past Papers 2023.

DGIP Steno Paper Pattern 2023 (expected)


Total Marks:                       100

Total MCQs:                       100
Total Time:                         90 minutes
Test Medium:                   
Negative Marking:             No


DGIP Steno Syllabus 2023 (expected) سلیبس


English:                            20%

GK/EDS/CA:                     20%

Islamic Studies:               15%

Pakistan Studies:             15%

IQ/Math/Quantitative:   15%

Job Related/(Computer): 15%

Download PDF  تیاری کیلے نوٹس


1)      Islamic Study   (Download)

2)      Pak Study (Social Study)   (Download)

3)      General Knowledge   (Download)

4)      EDS.  جنرل نالج میں ایوری ڈے سائنس شامل (Download)

5)      Computer    (Download)

6)      English   (Download)

7)      Math/IQ   (Download)

8)      Current Affairs - Pakistan   (CLICK)

9)      Current Affairs  - International   (CLICK)


Guess Paper گیس پیپر 


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DGIP (Passport) Past Papers پاسٹ پیپرز  


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DGIP Steno Test Preparation PDF Books Download 


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چار آپشن میں سے کسی ایک پر کلک کرنے سے جواب موٹا ہو جاے گا

Her eyes were filled _____tears.

  1. By
  2. With
  3. On
  4. In
  5. From

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

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This house _______ four bed rooms.

  1. Consist of
  2. Comprises of
  3. Comprise of
  4. is made of
  5. All are correct

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

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That is very kind _____ me, I thanked him.

  1. Of
  2. For
  3. In
  4. At

اس سوال کو وضاحت کے ساتھ پڑھیں

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