Syllabus for Lecturer Political Science

Part-I (English = 20 marks )

Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring

Part-II (Masters Level) Subject Test = 50 marks

· Western Political Thought (Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, Lenin, Frances Fukuyama)

· Muslim Political Thought (Al-Farabi, Al-Mawardi, Imam Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun, Shah Waliullah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

· State System: Nature and Emergence, Islamic Concept

· Political Institutions and Role of Government

· Basic concepts of Political Ideologies (Capitalism, Marxism, Communism/Socialism, Fascims, Nationalism, Islamic Political Ideology)

· Government and Politics in Pakistan: Analysis of 1956, 1962, 1973 Constitutions and Constitutional Amendments

· Comparative Study of Political System (Turkey, India, Malaysia and China)

Part-III (Professional Test = 30 marks )

· Teaching Techniques and Methodology

· Classroom Management and Discipline

· Testing and Evaluation 

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