IB TECH 14 PAST PAPER 2022 HELD ON 25.07.2022 MCQs

IB Tech Paper Pattern 2022

Total Marks:   60
Total Time:   60 minutes
Test Medium: 
Negative Marking:   No

Essay & Translation: No

IB Tech Syllabus 2022 

AEnglish                        05 MCQs
General Knowledge 10 MCQs
Intelligence Questions (IQ)    15 MCQs
Pakistan Study          05 MCQs
Islamic study             05 MCQs
IT                                  10 MCQs
Science                        10 MCQs


1. Opposite of weak . Muscular

2. Opposite of batray . Be loyal

3. Opposite of famous . Unknown

4. Wife name of quaid e Azam.  Ratan bai ?

5. Email stands for . Electronic mail

6. Mao clg established in . 1875

7. Mao university established in . 1890

8. Meaning of Nasara. . ?

9. Literal meaning of hazrat hood ?

10 . Two hottest province of Pakistan . SINDH and balochistan  ?

11. Tooth decay due to . Sugar

12 . One horse power is equal to . 746

13. Most of Hadith narrated by . Hazrat Abu Hurraira r.r.a

14. USL  stands for . Universal source locater? 

15. Hacking email means? 

16. Cabinet mission came to India in ?

17 . Blood is red dua to ? Hemoglobin

18. .008× .008 = ?

19 . 1/4 = ?

20 . The angle below 90° is called ?

21. Short key to split a file ?

22. Saarc members? 

23. Essay of 15 marks 200_300 words on topic . Education

24. 1st president of Pakistan?

25. Simplest form of 24:48



1. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?  

Ans…Surah Namal

2. Largest river of Pakistan?

Ans … Indus River

3. Which masjid was demolished by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)?

Ans…Masjid al Dirar

4. 2nd Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Ans…Sir Khawaja   Nazimuddin

5. According to 1973 constitution, how long is the time period of a President remains?

Ans….5 years

6. Safa Marwa k drmyan chakr ko kia kihty hy ?

Ans… (سعی)

7. Cell or battery m konsa current hota hy?

Ans… DC (direct current)

8. Unit for measurement of distance ?


9. Unit for measurement of liquid?


10. Russian President name?

Ans…Vladimir Putin

11. Independence day of France on which date?

Ans….14 july ,2022

IQ Portion

12. If A+B means A  is the sister of B

A×B means  A is the wife of B

A%B means A is the father of B

A-b means  A is the brother of B

Which of the following means A is the daughter of B

13. Rahim travels 600km to his home partilly by train and patially by car. He takes 8 hours if he travels 120km by train and rest by car. He takes 20 min more if he travels 200 km by train and rest by car. Find the speed of train and car.

14. Introducing a boy, a girl said “he is the son of a the daughter of bthe father of my uncle ” how is the boy related to the girl?

Ans…. Mamoo ka Bheta



Introducing a boy, a girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?











Correct option is A)

The father of the girl's uncle is the grandfather of the girl and daughter of the grandfather is sister of her father.

So, daughter of the grandfather is her aunt.

Aunt's son is brother of the girl.

Hence, option A is correct.

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