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Senior Educators Elementry School Educators (SESE) PET Syllabus 2022

SESE (PET) Paper Pattern 2022

Total Marks:   100
Total Time:   90 minutes
Test Medium: 

EESE (PET) Syllabus 2022 (expected)

Compiled with the help of 2017 Past papers

Weight of question paper:-

Islamic Studies+ Social Studies  (up to Secondary School Level) 10 Marks

Urdu (up to Secondary School Level)  15 Marks

English (up to Secondary School Level) 15 Marks

Computer Science (up to Elementary School Level) 10 Marks

Health & Physical Education at Master Lever 20 Marks

Health & Physical Education (up to Secondary School Level) 20 Marks

Current Affairs/General Knowledge 10 Marks


Download PDF

 Ø  Islamic Study   (Download)

Ø  Pak Study (Social Study)   (Download)

Ø  General Knowledge   (Download)

Ø  EDS. جنرل نالج میں ایوری ڈے سائنس سولات آتے (Download)

Ø  Computer    (Download)

Ø  English   (Download)

Ø  Urdu    (Download)

Ø  Pakistan Current Affairs    (CLICK)

Ø  International Current Affairs    (CLICK)


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